Version: 6

6.22 - December 8th


  • Sending SMS messages

6.21 - December 2nd 2022


  • Segment rule editing

  • Forms Settings out of JSON and into user setting


  • New data model separating ownership from vehicle data

  • Connections for vehicle ownership

  • Person > Vehicle editing in sidepanel

  • Deprecate Vehicle editing in Theme5


  • Sidepanel upgrade for event previews

New Micro-service endpoints

  • /api/v2/public/ -> /public/v2

  • /api/v2/selfservice/ -> /selfservice/v2

6.20 - November 17th 2022


  • New email “dropbox” launched to replace IMAP email

  • Team joining date now in UI and exports

  • Fix to email viewing for HTML emails

  • Any attachments to emails are now shown in the email viewer

  • View a single payments in segments of payments

  • Navigation to the Membership area now using membership segments


  • New control over user form withdrawal

6.19 - November 10th 2022


  • Can export a segment as a PDF - Address labels, Membership certificates & Custom templates


  • Can view deferred income split by month

6.18 - November 3rd 2022

Core - Segment Browse and Export

  • Can see the size of the segment

  • Can see a description of the segment and the rules used to make it

  • Can export a segment to XLSX

  • Can browse the segment tree

  • Can view the segment rules in natural language

  • Can view the segment rules as structured data (field, operator, value)

  • Can see a list of browse trees in the left navigation


  • Can upload flock_letter_head_image

  • Can set company_name_registered

  • Can set company_place_of_registration (see notes for use)

  • Can set company_registered_office (address)

6.17 - September 15th 2022


  • Can embed a segment within a segment (set the parent)

  • Can set the view context for a segment

  • Can turn mailchimp sync for a segment on or off

  • Badges value can be set with decimal points


  • Improved message display (Can see what the message is regarding and who the message was to which had been missing in some messages)

6.16b - September 8th 2022


  • Backtick short-cut key for changing between databases

  • Improvements to Segment searching UX

  • Tags on notes and tasks

  • When no current membership record, membership section on contact should default to the all filter.

  • Gift Aid preset on donations if a declaration is on record

  • Document pages editable in Alpine Core

  • Fix to badges - unable to enter decimals

  • Membership tab’s “Add membership” now driven by fine grained permissions

  • Consent actions (including “Record consent”) now driven by fine grained permissions

  • Legitimate Interests actions (including “Record legitimate interest”) by fine grained permissions


  • Add giving CTA heading to settings

  • Stripe API key verification

  • Show last login column in list of users

6.16 - September 1st 2022


  • New Membership Management ‘Dashboard’


  • Fix to membership details in the membership summary segment table

  • improved notifications dropdown and preview

  • minor navigation improvements

  • Tags viewable in Task tables

  • Pre-set “gift aid” flag on a donation if a Gift Aid Declaration is present for the contact

  • Clearer indication of flock trial state on landing page


  • correct question types set for disability fields

  • ability to view user uri and fine-grained permissions on a flock user

  • improved notifications dropdown

  • ability to view tasks from dropdown and navigate to the related contact

6.15 - July 21st 2022


  • New vertical navigation on Alpine side panels

  • Can ‘force reload’ settings to prevent unwanted caching


  • Can view organisations as linked members


  • Can add ‘additional information’ to an event, to appear in booking confirmation page (when booked for that event)

6.14 - July 14th 2022


  • Can apply a tag to group member records (not just the contact)


  • Can cancel a pledge

  • Can pause a pledge

  • Can resume a pledge

  • Can delete a pledge

  • Can change the amount and appeal for a pledge

  • Can add a tag to a group member (not the contact)


  • Can set the zoom level of the map shown to ticket buyers


  • Can cancel my regular donation

  • Can download a gift aid statement (pdf) detailing my giving for the financial year

  • Can elect to have my regular donation increase by a fixed amount each year

  • Can elect to have my regular donation increase by a percentage each year

  • Can pause my regular donation

  • Can resume a paused donation

  • Can see when my donations are paused, for how long and when the next payment will be

6.13 - June 30th 2022


  • Can see national region on detailed address

  • Can connect and disconnect Dropbox


  • Donations all migrated to payments

  • New view of donations for a contact grouped by appeal

  • Graphing for contact donations in previous 12 months


  • Donation home for logged in users

  • Donors can view a list of my donations by tax year

  • Can sign up for a regular donation via existing DD

  • Can sign up for a regular donation via new DD

  • Gift aid declaration stage excluded if gift-aid not active

6.12 - June 16th 2022


  • Fix under-reporting of unpaid memberships (where report start date was the same as the membership start date)

  • CRM user accounts are no longer case-sensitive.

6.11 - May 19th 2022


  • Can view users, add and remove standard permissions

  • Invoice viewing for memberships


  • Support for attendance tracking for group ticketed events


  • Can set Xero Account Code / Cost Centre per event or per ticket type

  • Register view of attendance for events (view all attendees and quick mark as present/no-show)

6.10 - May 12th 2022


  • standardise image styles used for events

  • standardise map style used for events

  • ensure team application process accurately reflects restrictions


  • configure sheepApp Membership settings

  • edit extra information on a membership

  • support for Xero automatic invoice numbering

  • support for product-level invoice codes

  • set tax classification on a reusable ticket template


  • set attendance per session for team members

6.9 - May 5th 2022


  • add or edit attendees for an existing event booking


  • new email, membership and contact settings

  • auto connections based on additional domains on contacts

Theme 5

  • removing settings which are now available in Alpine (links to new settings added to assist users)


  • Fix double counting linked member revenue in Membership Revenue report

6.8 - April 27th 2022


  • first attendee is now set to buyer by default


  • new general settings for organisation details and branding

6.7 - April 21st 2022


  • attendee details on tickets


  • partner connection controls followup from 6.6 with improved copy and cleaner UX

  • search by vehicle registration number

6.6 - April 14th 2022


  • New partner connection controls: Xero, GoCardless, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Dial9, Discourse, Sheep email dropbox, Stripe

  • New bulk actions set current payment plan on “last” membership

  • New bulk actions set next membership plan type on “last” membership

  • New bulk actions set next payment plan on “last” membership


  • Attendee details can be set as mandatory on an event

6.5 - April 7th 2022


  • 🏃 faster Data Warehouse (Directory) builds, more regular schedule

  • 🐛 fix rendering of key/value pairs on memberships extra meta

  • 🐛 fix blank member since fields in membership leavers report


  • New listing modes for group events: “blended” with or “segregated” from the main event listings


  • “Upcoming Events” panel on group home page

  • Renewal process - simplify into two steps:
      1. change plan (at next renewal)

      1. renew

6.4 - March 31st 2022


  • Filter by number of vehicles

  • Export vehicle ownership details

  • Create note with attachment in a single step


  • Can access metadata for an event

  • Segmented users can change event details including images

  • Segmented users can attach files to notes


  • Events marked as “featured” are displayed first and more prominently

  • Hidden Tickets can be shown via an access code

  • News pages viewable against a group honouring publish/archive dates (requires custom template config)

6.3 - March 24th 2022


  • 🐛 Apply Gift Aid - fix to honour gift aid scope

  • GoCardless regular background checks on requested payments

  • Can use Loqate auto-complete addresses on new and edited addresses

  • Can search for emails with a “+” character in the email

  • The tax status of a hire can be configured through the hiring definition


  • Can change the author / contact of the form response

  • Fields can set the core_field_update_policy to decide how data should be applied

  • Fields from health can be selected as core fields

  • Can change the context of the form response


  • Download document

  • View Documents

Events for Team / Group Leaders

  • Create, & delete events

  • Change event details

  • Cancel event

  • Add new ticket (class)

  • Delete ticket (if none bought/allocated)

  • Duplicate event

  • Edit existing ticket

  • List tickets for event

  • View event in sheepApp (if applicable)

News pages for teams/groups

  • Can add a new team specific news page

  • Can delete a team specific news page

  • Can duplicate a team specific news page

  • Can edit the content of a team specific news page

  • Can publish a team specific news page

  • Can unpublish a team specific news page

  • Can view all the current team news pages

6.2 - March 17th 2022


  • Can view the extras data on a membership as key value pairs

  • Form responses with core fields and update_policy of overwrite will replace existing CRM data

  • Form responses with core fields and update_policy of underwrite will not replace existing CRM data

  • Form responses with core fields and update_policy of underwrite will update empty CRM data field

  • Can see VAT on a reservation receipt (when applicable)

  • Overflowing text in notifications fixed


  • Cannot create an App ticketed event if “boxoffice” pack not enabled

  • Set ticket as member only


  • Can pay later for tickets (i.e. invoice)

  • View ticket types according to the sort order provided

  • Non members cannot purchase member-only ticket types

  • View memberships according to the sort order provided

6.1 - March 10th 2022


  • Can view and edit lists of domains on a contact

  • Loqate support (add new person/organisation only at this stage)


  • Remove booking definitions - use simple 3 event types

  • Can see a full order (tickets, payments and attendees) from the events panel on a contact

  • Change date for event

  • Can export XLS of orders for an event

  • List Attendees

  • Allocate another ticket

  • Delete a ticket from an order

  • List tickets on order dashboard

  • View all tasks

  • Change event status

  • Delete event

  • Delete ticket (if none bought/allocated)

  • View event in sheepApp (if applicable)


  • Can add an achievement to my group (and contacts)

  • Can view completed achievements for my group

  • Can view in progress achievements for my group

  • Can view un-started achievements for my group

  • Can view events for my group (and not events for other groups)

  • Can add a new note on a contact in my group

  • Can edit notes on a contact in my group

  • Can view notes on a contact in my group


  • Can see and update two emergency contacts for myself

  • Can see and update two emergency contacts for each of my linked memberships (e.g. my children)

  • Can add a vehicle with reduced fields (just reg, make, model)

  • Failed payments when ordering event tickets removes allocated tickets and stock