Privacy / GDPR


The hosted privacy calls provides all the data needed to build a privacy page.

http GET$FLOCK/user/hosted/privacy/
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
        "address_lines": [
            "1 Pretend Street",
        "consent_list": [
                "channels": [
                "cid": "c000",
                "context": "What’s On Newsletter",
                "purpose": "Live Programme Newsletter"
                "channels": [
                "cid": "c001",
                "context": "Bothering phonecalls and letters",
                "purpose": "To bother you"
        "email": "",
        "flock": "example",
        "flockNamePublic": "My Community Trust",
        "flockNamePublicShort": "MCT",
        "how_to_contact_us_intro": "You can't contact us, because we're not a real organisation, but if we were you could use some details like these.",
        "how_we_collect": [
            "you send us an email",
            "you sign up as a member",
            "you make a donation",
            "you volunteer",
            "you sign up to a mailing list online"
        "how_we_collect_intro": "We collect personal information directly from you when:",
        "name_in_logo": false,
        "other_questions_contact": "If you do not want us to use your data in this way, wish to stop receiving communications from us or have any other questions please email us at []( have a question about the personal information you hold for me)",
        "palette": {
        "phone": "01234 567 890",
        "privacy_intro": "We take privacy very seriously and want to ensure your personal data is cared for correctly and in line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The following page gives some information about how we care for your personal data followed by a short form which you can fill in to tell us how you would like us to communicate with you.",
        "website": "",
        "what_we_collect": [
            "contact details and personal information to enable us to plan, organise and manage our annual festival and year round events and keep you up to date with news and other information ",
            "financial information relating to payments for tickets and merchandise and donations to enable such payments and donations (including Gift Aid applications) to be processed. "
        "what_we_collect_intro": "We collect the following information:",
        "why_we_collect": [
            "To build up a picture of our customer/supporter profile;",
            "To keep you up to date with news of our events, activities and other information;",
            "To process a payment that you have made for tickets or merchandise;",
            "To process a donation that you have made (including Gift Aid information); ",
            "To manage our employees and volunteers; ",
            "To maintain our own accounts and records;",
            "To process a grant;",
            "To process an application for a role."
        "why_we_collect_intro": "We use your personal data for the following purposes:"

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