Scenario: Correcting a payment plan mid-term

Several monthly and quarterly payment plans were recently (2 weeks ago) configured with the ‘annual’ period, resulting in the DD payments for members being each year, rather than each month/quarter. Members have renewed/joined since that change. All have paid their initial DD instalment but are not being charged until next year for their next instalment.


Sam Wilkins, Jan 2021


  1. Delete future payments

  2. Unlock existing requested payment

  3. Edit existing payment

  4. Remove reference to membership

  5. Save

  6. Unpack payments

  7. Check first new payment is marked as “2 of 12”

  8. Go back to existing payment

  9. Replace reference to membership

  10. Save

  11. Check all 12 payments in place

It works because the legacy_uid is set to /example/member/abc123/–1 for the first instance, and the first instance date is still correct. Therefore it gets skipped by the find_or_create in create_scheduled_payments and carries on, creating the remaining ones on the correct dates.