Asset Management


This policy applies to the creation, acquisition, operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and disposal of all Authentic Digital Limited “the company” assets.


  • The company directors have approved the Asset Management Policy. This policy will be reviewed every year and updated, as applicable, to ensure that it remains appropriate in the light of any relevant changes to the law, organisational policies or contractual obligations.

  • The company’s assets comprise any physical item that company acquires, or software/applications that the company develops which gives benefit or service to the company’s customer base, or brands which the company owns and promotes.

  • An up to date asset register will be maintained by a company director.

Management of the company’s assets will ensure that:
  • Assets continue to deliver a standard of service to customers and clients at agreed levels of service.

  • There is clear direction for staff to make informed decisions.

  • Legislative requirements are satisfied.

  • Exposure to risk is limited to acceptable levels.

  • Asset purchases or construction are only approved after whole of life costs and benefits are assessed.

  • When disposing of computer hardware assets at the end of useful life, the services of the Revive IT 1 (or equivalent) will be utilised; this is to include their data destruction services.


Company directors:

  • To act as custodians of company assets.

  • To set asset management policy with linkage to the company’s business plans.

  • To set agreed levels of service and levels of acceptable risk for each asset.

  • To ensure appropriate resources for asset management activities are made available.

  • To ensure there is continuous improvement in company asset management.

  • To monitor and review managers and staff in adhering to the Asset Management Policy.

Managers and Staff:

  • To implement the Asset Management Policy within agreed resources.

  • To develop and implement improvement plans for individual assets.

  • To deliver levels of service to agreed risk and cost standards.

Review Dates

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