Business Continuity Plan


This plan provides very high level details regarding the continuing operations of the company. Specific risks and disaster scenarios are tracked in the risk register with links to mitigating actions and more detailed responses.


  • The maintenance of this document is the responsibility of the Business Continuity Manager.

  • This plan will be updated on a regular basis and the key details maintained and actions needed to continue all business operations; to include critical contact details for all staff, contractors and clients.

  • In the case of an emergency , the ‘Emergency Response Checklist’ will be followed.

  • In all instances it is the Business Continuity Manager’s responsibility to ensure a recovery log is kept. This will track all decisions that are made and the actions taken in the case of an emergency.

  • This policy deals with major emergency situations – it is complementary to the organisations incident management policy.

Business Critical Processes (in order of priority)

  1. Functioning of client critical applications (sheepCRM).

  2. Customer Service and Technical Support

  3. Finance operations of the company.

  4. Sales & marketing activities of the company.

  5. Technical Development (of new features & systems)

Emergency Response Checklist

  • Liaise with Emergency Services if appropriate

  • Open incident log and record actions taken

  • Summary identification / scope of the incident

  • Engage board of directors

  • Identify in detail the functions disrupted

  • Convene a wider response & recovery team

  • Provide information to staff

  • Respond
    • Remember PDCA (Plan - Do - Check - Action) don’t make the situation worse with a poorly thought through response. Wherever possible seek to buy time so that actions can be considered.

    • Plan the course of action

    • Communicate decisions to staff and business partners

    • Provide public information to maintain reputation and business

  • Arrange a Debrief

  • Review Business Continuity Plan and Risk Register

Review Dates

2020-09 move to public docs