Sheep Achievements

Example use cases:

Mike runs a youth Gymnastics club. His coaches need to be able to record progress against their group members to keep track of their progress. The parents want to check their child’s progress so they feel engaged with the club.

Jon runs external Canoeing courses. Various skills need to be demonstrated by participants to pass the course, as well as evidence outside the course demonstrating other skills such as coaching and leading peers on suitable rivers. This information needs to be collated before the qualification can be awarded.

Sally leads a groups of Accountants in the North East offering training courses in Social Media. She has devised a set of qualifications that she wants to track progress towards.

Achievement Types

Achievement types or templates are the definition of the qualification. At their most basic they are a name and one or more steps. Each step is a milestone in the achievement.


Achievements are the individual records that connect a contact to their achievement.

Create/start a new achievement for a contact


required reference to the achievement_type


required reference to the contact

http POST$FLOCK/achievement/ Authorization:"Bearer $API_KEY" achievement_type_ref=/example/achievement_type/5fa92cd780859e70b99a5fad/ contact_ref=/example/person/581b6258d406947c8a8f07d4/

Complete a step

http PUT$FLOCK/achievement/5faa709180859e1f88d765e4/complete_step/ Authorization:"Bearer $API_KEY" number=3

http PUT$FLOCK/achievement/5faa709180859e1f88d765e4/complete_step/ Authorization:"Bearer $API_KEY" step="Squat on stretch jump off cross box or horse."

Uncomplete a step

http PUT$FLOCK/achievement/5faa709180859e1f88d765e4/uncomplete_step/ Authorization:"Bearer $API_KEY" number=3

http PUT$FLOCK/achievement/5faa709180859e1f88d765e4/uncomplete_step/ Authorization:"Bearer $API_KEY" step="Squat on stretch jump off cross box or horse."

Reset all steps

http PUT$FLOCK/achievement/5faa709180859e1f88d765e4/reset_steps/ Authorization:"Bearer $API_KEY"

Complete all steps

http PUT$FLOCK/achievement/5faa709180859e1f88d765e4/complete_all_steps/ Authorization:"Bearer $API_KEY"

Finish / Complete and Achievement

Once all the steps have been completed an achievement can be ‘finished’ or ‘completed’. A finished achievement locks the steps from further changes. A finished achievement creates a sheep event which can be used for sending an achievement email or other data event.

http PUT$FLOCK/achievement/5faa709180859e1f88d765e4/finish/ Authorization:"Bearer $API_KEY"