Since the early versions, Sheep has supported “journals” as general purpose notes, reminders, logs. The journal data model still exists but the different use-cases have been separated for the user and the v2 API. The native v1 journal API is still used for writing new records and should be used for cross category querying.

POLICY: person.notes / organisation.notes / booking.notes

http{bucket}/{organisation|person|booking}/{uid}/notes/detail "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY"
http{bucket}/{organisation|person|booking}/{uid}/notes/summary "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY"


A read-only end-point for accessing documents (files) attached to resources across the system. These api calls are designed to bring all the file uploads into a single convinent place. Uploading new files should be actioned from the parent resource e.g. journal note or evidence record

POLICY: person.documents / organisation.documents / booking.documents

http{bucket}/{organisation|person|booking}/{uid}/documents/detail "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY"
http{bucket}/{organisation|person|booking}/{uid}/documents/summary "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY"

Messages for a contact

A helper endpoint to provide all messages in one call, lifecycle email, bulk email, dropbox email. Mailchimp, SMS and post on demand will be added in future versions.

POLICY: person.messages / organisation.messages

http{bucket}/{organisation|person}/{uid}/messages/detail "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY"
http{bucket}/{organisation|person}/{uid}/messages/summary "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY"


Tasks, also known as reminders. A task is a note with a due date and an assigned user.

POLICY: person.tasks / organisation.tasks / booking.tasks

http{bucket}/{organisation|person|booking}/{uid}/tasks/detail "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY"
http{bucket}/{organisation|person|booking}/{uid}/tasks/summary "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY"